7 day hiking in Svaneti, Georgia

Dare to experience: The beauty and wellness of the Caucasus. We walk into the mountains of Georgia. A 7-day holiday awaits you in the northern part of Georgia, in Svaneti.




8 days, 7 nights


Tour description

Dare to experience: The beauty and wellness of the Caucasus We walk into the mountains of Georgia. A 7-day holiday awaits you in the northern part of Georgia, in Svaneti.

It will be a life-enriching journey. Spending a week just for yourself, which in the 21st century sometimes sounds like utopia. It is from the relationship with oneself that the whole journey to the top in personal life begins. Knowledge is necessary, and when combined with practical experience, we can expect faster results in the areas of relationships, health, peace of mind. That will be our journey together.

Seeing the local realities, you will go back at least a few decades with time machine: here are both bull-drawn carriages, and scythe-mowing men in the midday sun, and teenagers riding horses… And all this in front of the promising images of the Caucasus. Images that invite you to admire, calm down, feel the mountains, the air, nature and yourself.

We have prepared for you a 4-day hike in the mountains from Ushguli to the town of Mestia. The hiking trail stretches for about 65 km. We will hike from 10 to 20 km every day. At night we will stay with the residents of the local villages, who receive all the traveling guests in their homes. Guests will enjoy authentic, home-cooked food. We will experience the true history of Georgia.

Various breathing practices, exercises and deep conversations about the essential things in life have already become a distinctive feature of Hiking Trails. A few thoughtful, accurate questions, and human attitudes are changing fundamentally. An uplifting state of energy will accompany us throughout the journey. In the morning, before breakfast, we will do exercises, breathing practices to make the legs easier to carry and the mood more transparent.

The program is available on other dates by organizing in person. Ask for a personal inquiry: indicating the number of persons traveling and the appropriate date of travel.

It will be an authentic, life-changing journey in one way or another that should find its corner in the heart. The travel schedule is flexible. Depending on natural conditions and unforeseen circumstances. Travel dates are fixed.

Price of the package: € 595 per person

Plane tickets are not included

Tour itinerary

Day 1 | Kutaisi-Mestia

Meeting at Kutaisi airport

Travel by bus to Kutaisi-Mestia (about 5 hours). We will get acquainted with the surroundings and with each other, we will have the opportunity to communicate with friendly market traders, we will have lunch at the roadside inn.

Getting acquainted at the emerald Enguri dam to get to know each other better, start to feel more comfortable in a group and with the organizers.

Day 2 | Mestia - Waterfall

Day 3 | Mestia-Ushguli-Shkhara glacier

Morning exercises, breathing exercises

Georgian breakfast

On this day we will drive on mountain roads from Mestia to Ushguli. The historic town of Ushguli is the highest settlement in all of Europe (2200 m. above sea level). There are still 70 indigenous families living there. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will get acquainted with the town, visit the museum, which is located in the surviving defensive defense tower from the 9th century. We will also embark on a 5-6 hour hike to the SHKHARA Glacier.

Georgian dinner

Day 4 | Ushguli-Iprali

Morning exercises, breathing exercises

Georgian breakfast

We will start a 4-day hike. 5-hour hike Ushguli-Iprali about 13.5 km.

Georgian dinner

Day 5 | Iprali-Adishi

Morning exercises, breathing exercises

7-8 hours hike Iprali-Adishi about 19 km. We will walk over the river of icy water. Those who will dare will have the opportunity sit on a horse. On this day we will reach the highest point (2811 m. above sea level). We will have the opportunity to stop to relax and refresh with drinks in the town of Khalde.

Georgian dinner

Day 6 | Adishi-Zabesi

Morning exercises, breathing exercises

Georgian breakfast

5-hour hike Adisi-Zabesi about 11 km. Rest in the town of Zabesi Leisure time in Zabesi

Georgian dinner

Day 7 | Zabeshi-Mestia

Morning exercises, breathing exercises

Georgian breakfast

5-6 hours hike Zabeshi-Mestia about 16 km. We will reach our final stop.

Free half of the day to buy souvenirs

For the last time, we will all have dinner together with home-made Georgian fresh food, we will be able to go out into the nightlife of the town, find performances by local musicians and dancers.

Day 8 | Mestia-Kutaisi

Travel by bus Mestia-Kutaisi. End of the program.

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Day 10 |

Day 11 |

Day 12 |

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Day 14 |


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  • All health-promoting practices
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Food twice a day (breakfast and dinner)


Know before you go:


From 690.00

Payment terms & conditions: For approval 30% of the whole amount has to be paid in advance.

The remaining amount has to be paid 20 days before the trip.


Do not hesitage to give us a call. We are an expert team and we are happy to talk to you!