New Year in Georgia – welcome 2024 in a winter fairy tale in wine country!

New Year in Georgia – a trip you’ll remember in your old age! Have you ever been to a fairytale land, where the trees wear white coats of snow, and the mountains loom in the background with white crowns of snow?



Bakuriani, Tbilisi, Kakheti, Borjomi


8 days


2023 12 29 - 2024 01 05

Tour description

New Year in Georgia – a trip you’ll remember in your old age! Have you ever been to a fairytale land where the trees wear white snow coats and the Caucasus mountains stand in the background with their white snow crowns?

We invite you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable atmosphere of New Year’s Eve in Georgia and shared fun!

The New Year’s Eve trip offers not only a New Year’s Eve programme with the best Georgian traditions, but also an informative sightseeing tour. We’ll start with Kakheti, the wine region. After all, what’s New Year in Georgia without wine, right? Kakheti Alazani Valley is a place filled with peace and bliss, where beautiful landscapes caress the eye. As well as winemaking, the region is famous for its rich history and special towns such as Signagi, where you’ll find lavender-scented bed linen when you stay. Let’s give thanks for the past year and make 2023 special! Stunning views of the Alazani Valley – the snow-capped mountains of the Greater Caucasus. After the walk, a delicious dinner awaits us – not just a dinner, but a pre-New Year atmosphere!

The Alazani Valley, located in the Sakartveld wine-growing region of Kakheti, is known to many. Kakheti is Georgia’s most important wine region, producing 75% of the country’s grapes. Archaeological excavations have unearthed the remains of 8000-year-old vines and other winemaking tools, and the region is known as the cradle of the world’s winemaking. However, many other places in Kakheti are not yet as popular, one of them being Signaghi. It’s a small town in Kakheti that is slowly gaining popularity. This old mountain town charms with its cosy cobbled streets and red roofs, which blend perfectly with the panorama of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains. Perhaps this is the reason why many couples choose this town for their wedding vows and marriage ceremony, which is believed to be the reason why it is called the City of Love.

Celebrate the New Year in snowy Bakuriani!

Bakuriani’s winter resort has a therapeutic climate, which is why it attracts a large number of visitors both in summer and winter, especially people who love skiing. An unforgettable evening programme awaits you to see how Georgians celebrate. There will also be entertainment, fireworks and New Year’s songs in the town square. On 1 January, enjoy the active leisure activities offered by the Bakuriani resort.

Skiing, ice-skating, sledding, snowmobiling and, for the truly authentic, horse-drawn sleigh rides.

New Year in Georgia – what will we do after 2024?

We have prepared an interesting and exciting programme that will give you a closer insight into the rich history and culture of Georgia. Traditional places, beautiful landscapes, authentic cuisine – all this awaits you on a Caucasus Tour. We select only the noteworthy landmarks, whose significance is told in an interesting and engaging way by Georgia’s best and funniest guides.


Tour itinerary

Day 1 | Arrival to Kutaisi

Arrival in Kutaisi. Welcome at the airport. Hotel transfer.

Day 2 | Kakheti - Signagi


We invite you to immerse yourself in this unforgettable New Year’s Eve atmosphere of shared fun!

Going to Kakheti.

The Kakheti Alazani Valley is a place filled with peace and bliss, where beautiful landscapes caress the eye.

Lakes, mountains, churches, wine… The Kakheti region is the cradle of winemaking. After breakfast, we head to Kakheti, the cradle of winemaking. The heart of Kakheti is the Alazani Valley, stretching along the Alazani River for 150 km. On the way, the first stop is at the winery cellar – the wine road and processes and of course the tasting ceremony. Extra: tea, coffee, chicha, cognac. Next up: The fabulous city of eternal love, Sighnaghi, surrounded by a medieval wall with 23 towers and love stories above the Alazani Valley. An artist who sold his paintings and his house in the name of beauty. The monastery of Bodbe, where Saint Nino, the light of Iberia (Georgia), rests. Near Sighnaghi, a love town famous among tourists, there is a small place in Georgia called Bodbe, where Saint Nino, one of Georgia’s most venerable saints, died in the 4th century. After his death (around 335 AD), King Mirian ordered the erection of St. Nino in Bodbe. He ordered the temple of St George to be built in Bodbe. Many centuries later, it still preserves the Church of Saint George. The relics of St. Nino are still preserved here, and the monastery has become a place of pilgrimage for Christians. The Bodbe Monastery is in a very beautiful location, with a lookout point just behind it, offering a beautiful view of the Alazani Valley. Around the main temple, there is a very picturesque park where you can walk and admire the wonderful natural beauty of Georgia. The place recharges you with energy and spiritual power, and you start to feel inspired and spiritually uplifted when you visit Bodbe. Accommodation at the Signaghi Hotel. You’ll be staying in the ethnic KAKHETI VILLA HOTEL – with all the amenities and stunning views! On the hotel grounds, you will find a sauna, a fireplace and excellent Kakhetian cuisine, as well as cotton bedding scented with lavender – we need a special touch to ring in the old year! First, let’s take a stroll around the ancient city of Love. The fabulous city of eternal love, Sighnaghi, surrounded by a medieval wall with 23 towers and love stories over the Alazani Valley.

An artist who sold his paintings and his house in the name of beauty. Bodbės vienuolynas, kuriame ilsisi apaÅ¡talams prilygintas Å¡ventasis Nino, Iberijos (Gruzijos) Å¡viesuolis. NuostabÅ«s vaizdai į Alazani slėnį – snieguotus Didžiojo Kaukazo kalnus.Po pasivaikščiojimo mÅ«sų laukia skani vakarienė – ne tik vakarienė, o pre-New Year’s Eve atmosphere!

Vila prisipildys vietinių Å«kininkų atvežtų produktų kvapų: naminės varÅ¡kės, mėsos ir sÅ«rių, kiauÅ¡inienės su apelsininiais tryniais, naminių tradicinių kepinių. Ir prie viso to – stipri aitri gruziniÅ¡ka kava, arbata, naturalios granatu sultys, o galiausiai kvapai tradicinių saslyku ant kepsnynes. Vakarienė su gruzinų liaudies dainininke – tikru tostų meistru. Surengsime konkursą – už geriausią tostą – nugalėtojas gaus prizą. Prizą paliksime paslaptyje.

A delightful evening – Kakhetian wine, chacha and a real village dinner – tasty and filling, very tasty – accompanied by Georgian chants – toasts about the fragility of life and love. A sauna and a fireside dinner are available.

Day 3 | Borjomi - New Year's Eve in Bakuriani

Breakfast Next, we'll head to a completely different region of Georgia - after all, we're here to improve our health😉 The next beauty of Georgia is Borjomi - the land of health-boosting mineral springs. On the way to Borjomi, we will have cordial conversations and share Lithuanian-Georgian experiences 😊 In the city we will pass through a park with springs with natural Borjomi waters. And then we will go to the "second level" of the protected area: on the funicular with a spectacular view of the coniferous mountains. At the top, you'll see the sulphur pools, whose water is rich in nutrients and minerals - I highly recommend a dip! Next up is the ski resort of Bakuriani. Bakuriani Ski Resort is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti ridge, in the municipality of Borjomi, at an altitude of 1700 metres above sea level. Bakuriani is approximately 180 km from Tbilisi and 30 km from Borjomi. Bakuriani's climate has therapeutic properties, which is why Bakuriani is visited by many tourists every season. The quantity and quality of snow is at its best here! NEW YEAR'S EVE IN THE GEORGIAN WINTER FAIRY TALE OF BAKURIANI. New Year's Eve Gala Dinner in Bakuriani, followed by a visit to the square to watch the New Year's programme. Champagne, fireworks in the town square and various attractions in winter snow await you!

Day 4 | Bakuriani

Breakfast. Bakuriani is the perfect place for both winter and summer holidays for the whole family. Kokhtagora - 2155 metres. From the top, in good weather, you can see the whole Caucasus. There are three trails from here - 2 black and 1 red. They join in the middle of the slope at 1895 metres. From this altitude the plateau and the blue paths start. Kokhtagor has a double rope tow and two cable cars. Kokhta 2 - 2255 metres. Some of the slopes are FIS certified. The track passes through a fabulous coniferous forest. The route is moderate, with a descent of about 1800m. There are several rope courses nearby for beginners. If you prefer ice-skating or sledging to skiing, there are special toboggan runs and ice-skating rinks in Bakuriani. Around Bakuriani you can triple up on snowmobile tours. Do you want to ride around the countryside like in the old days? Then you can rent a traditional winter transport - a horse-drawn sleigh. Take a romantic walk! 😊 Overnight at Bakuriani Hotel.

Day 5 | Tbilisi

PUSRYČIAI. Pasivaikščiojimas po rytinius, snieguotų viršunių pušynų miškus Kaukazo kalnuose. Pietūs pakeliui į Tbilisį. Vakare naktinis Tbilisi ir naktinis miesto gyvenimas. NAKTIS Tbilisi viešbutyje.

Day 6 | Historical Georgia - Mtskheta - Jvari

Breakfast. Check out of the hotel, but we will continue our excursions. MTSKHETA JVARI! The temple of the first capital of Georgia. We will continue to Mtskheta, the first capital and one of the oldest cities in Georgia. There are many shrines here, one of which is the Svetitskhoveli Temple - the main temple of Georgia; underneath it rests the tunic of Jesus Christ. Inside you will see other relics of the temple: the canopy of the life-giving pillar, the relics of St Andrew the First Called, a wooden cross with a piece of the real cross on which Jesus was crucified. See an unusual ancient fresco that ufologists love, the tombs of the kings and more. Next, the Jvari Monastery. After a walk through the pretty little streets, you'll head to the Jvari Monastery. The monastery was the site of the first cross erected by Saint Nino, thanks to whom Georgia adopted Orthodoxy in the 4th century. It was this monastery that Lermontov mentioned in his poem "Mtsyri". It offers a magnificent view of the confluence of the two rivers Kura and Aragvi, which has long been one of Georgia's traditional "postcards". Lunch in Mtskheta overlooking the Kura River.

Day 7 | Tbilisi

The Tbilisi tour opens the gateway to the heart of the Caucasus. Romantic and lovely, Tbilisi with its rich history attracts thousands of travellers from all over the world. The beauty of the mountains and the uniqueness of Georgian culture have inspired many famous writers, artists and poets who have dedicated their best works to Georgia. Discover modern Tbilisi on your trip to Georgia. Create spectacular memories on a short but informative tour. You'll start at Holy Trinity Cathedral, one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world. We'll continue with a visit to Metekhi Church and the monument to Vakhtag Gorgasali, the founder of Tbilisi. Take the cable car to the Narikala Fortress where you will enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city. You will descend to the sulphur baths, passing the only mosque in Tbilisi. You will stroll through the Sharden district, full of narrow streets with cosy cafes, wine-tasting bars and souvenir shops. You'll visit Sioni Cathedral, Anchiskhati Basilica and the famous clock tower of Reza Gabriadze Theatre. In the evening, we'll climb up to see the 'Georgian Mother Statue' - its grandeur and symbolism remain relevant and meaningful to this day. Then we'll ascend to the highest point of the city - Mtacminda, a panoramic park from which the city can be seen from the palm of your hand. Dinner of traditional dishes high above the city, tasty and singing 😊 Overnight stay in the Old Town of Tbilisi.

Day 8 | Flight to Vilnius

Transfer to Kutaisi airport, on the way visiting the cave city of Uplistsikhe, an important site without which we are not allowed to fly home.

Farewell to your faithful Georgian and New Year's journey to 2024 Tamada Mamuka ❤️

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Day 10 |

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Day 14 |


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