Skiing in Mestia in the Svaneti region – a freerider’s paradise

It is one of those most exotic and unknown places where you will find not only the pleasure of skiing, but also the majestic tranquility of the mountains.





6 nights, 7 days


Private weekly trip for 2 - 4 people. According to the flights to Georgia

Tour description

Tetnuldi – Mestia Ski Resort

The Svaneti region occupies highly mountainous areas in the Caucasus mountain range It is the highest inhabited area in Europe. Skiing Svaneti invites those who like fresh and loose snow, you will have the freedom to choose the steepness of the slopes and the complexity of the route.

About the resort

  • The mileage of the tracks is 19 km
  • Tracks by difficulty – A journey for the advanced
  • The maximum height is 3036 m.
  • Number of lifts – 5
  • Number of snow parks – –
  • Distance to the tracks – 20-60 min
  • The winter sports area is between 2265 and 3160 m above sea level.
  • The tracks are located on the slopes of Tetnuldis hill (4852 m)
  • Skiing Tetnuldi, 2260 – 3036 (776 vertical meters). Two-seater lifts with hoods. The first stage goes up to the fork in the track, from there the second stage goes up. One track, about 10 km. length running ridge, with one branch. Off-road on either side of the ridge. There are natural springboards for those who want to jump. At the end of the day, descend another 600 vertical meters to the lifts
  • Hatsvali, 9 km., About 20 minutes. 1865 – 2347 (482 vertical meters). Centennial forests. There is no shortage of route options here. If the snow is fresh, a few days through the eyes lettering from the lift to the lift in the woods.

It is one of those most exotic and unknown places where you will find not only the pleasure of skiing, but also the majestic tranquility of the mountains. For the time being, the hard-to-reach ski resort will definitely not be crowded with people and hustle and bustle.

In the long run, however, Tetnuld will not be inferior in size to the famous Georgian ski resort of Gudauri. The difference in altitude on the Tetnuldis slopes will reach 775 m, and the highest ski point is 3045 m. It is announced that in the coming years the resort of Tetnuldis will take over the name of “freeriding” (free skiing in unmarked areas) in the Caucasus from Gudauris.

More about the tracks here:

Tour itinerary

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  • Accommodation in double rooms with breakfast (for two)
  • Transfer from Kutaisi Airport to Svaneti and back to Kutaisi Airport
  • Transfer from the hotel to the hatswali lift and back every day


  • Flight ticket (around 100 EUR both ways) with wizzair to Kutaisi airport
  • Transfer to Tetnuldi ski lift (by request) – around 45 EUR both ways
  • Visa and Insurance
  • Other personal expenses and meals
  • Ski pass – around 12 eur for a day

Know before you go:

An EU certificate is sufficient for fully vaccinated travelers. When traveling without the vaccine – PCR is required, an additional PCR test is required on day 3 (isolation is not required until then), it costs about 25 euros, on day 6 it is necessary to perform it repeatedly (skiing is continued with it and it is applied to the flight to your country). For children under 12 requirements do not apply



From 490.00

Payment terms & conditions: For approval 30% of the whole amount has to be paid in advance.

The remaining amount has to be paid 20 days before the trip.