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Georgia is worth a trip for the Greater Caucasus Mountains alone, but the country has countless places and objects besides the impressive mountains, 4 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites – you can read more about them on our blog . The most popular cities to visit in Savartvele are: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Kazbegi, Gudauri, Signaghi, Bodbe, Borjomi, Telavi, Bakuriani, Vardzia, Gelati, Martvili, Mestia and others.

In addition, Georgia has 11 regions, each unique in its landscape, history, dialect, food and culture. Kakheti is a must for wine lovers, Svaneti for wildlife enthusiasts, and skiing lovers are welcome in the Mccheta-Mtianeti region, the best ski resorts. Each region is full of historical sites and monuments of rich culture that are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

The landscape and climate of the countries in the Caucasus region are extremely diverse, Georgia has as many as 12 different climate zones, each with its own characteristics, so you can travel to Georgia all year round. The best time to travel to the Caucasus region depends on your wishes and plans:

Spring (March-May). Spring temperatures in Georgia are mild. It is the perfect time for hiking in the mountains, exploring cities and discovering natural gems. Keep in mind that early March can still be quite chilly at higher elevations.

Summer (June-August). Summer is the height of the tourist season in Georgia, when the temperature often reaches above 25-30 degrees. This is the perfect time for heat and mountain lovers, to enjoy the grandeur of the Caucasus Mountains and their soothing atmosphere, clean mountain air, or to relax on the Black Sea coast when the sea water temperature is very pleasant.

Autumn (September-November). Autumn is another fantastic time to visit Georgia as the landscape turns bright reds and golds. Pleasant weather and sufficiently high temperatures last until the beginning of November, sometimes even in the middle. This is a great time to enjoy an incredible abundance of various fruits and berries, participate in grape and tangerine harvest festivals, and visit cultural heritage without extreme heat.

Winter (from December to February). Winter in Georgia can be quite cold, especially in mountainous areas, but for winter sports lovers, winter, and especially January-February, is the perfect time for skiing. Those looking for a quiet escape and relaxation can enjoy a special relaxation at the SPA in the Caucasus Mountains to restore strength and improve well-being.

At all times of the year, everyone will find suitable entertainment in Georgia and the Caucasus region, so you can travel here at any time of the year!

It’s all about personal preference! Caucasus Tour says – it is possible, and even very comprehensive… We have created special travel programs for traveling with children. We take care of all the worries of such travel years, and parents and children spend time enjoying interesting activities, strengthening the family bond.

Carefully selected guides of Caucasus Tour are not only experts in the country’s history and culture, but also wonderful travel companions, friends and professionals gifted with musical talent. How much time they spend with you depends on the program and travel plan. If it is an educational program, the guide or driver will accompany you during the entire trip, if it is a leisure trip, he will accompany you on the trip from the airport, to the airport, and if you have booked excursions, during them.

The type of accommodation depends on the itinerary. In educational programs, accommodation often changes, in leisure or skiing trips, accommodation is usually in one top-level hotel.

Caucasus Tour accommodation is selected according to many criteria: the importance of the location, the date of establishment, the quality and price of the food, the quality and thickness of the mattresses, the quality of the bedding material. By purchasing our programs, you get the opportunity to stay only in the best rated hotels, spa resorts and guesthouses by visitors.

All Georgian cultural heritage sites are beautiful and worthy of attention. Perhaps the most important are the UNESCO World Heritage sites, read more about them on our blog. The regions of Georgia are different, each of them has a lot of cultural heritage and historical objects.

The special atmosphere is at the top of the mountain, Gergeti, where St. Trinity Church. Surrounded by mountains, the architectural wonder hides centuries of unique history, and the aura of the mountains soothes emotionally and spiritually.

Many historical sites of interest are located in the regions of Kakheti, Imereti, Shida Kartli and Svaneti, but it is impossible to list them all even in a few hours! Come and see for yourself.

At Caucasus Tour, we offer programs both with and without flight included. You can choose the type of trip at your discretion. Although the price of the program with the flight included is different from the one where the flight is not included, you avoid the hassle of buying a ticket, buying luggage and checking in for a flight.

Caucasus Tour programs are authored, compiled, planned and optimized by travel experts, travel gourmets and local connoisseurs of the country of Georgia. Detailed travel programs are not published publicly, they are available only to clients of our travel agency and can be purchased by choosing an economy, optimal or all-inclusive travel plan.

We provide a description of each program to introduce what’s in store, but the exact itinerary and locations are not publicly available to protect the copyrighted programs, the intellectual property that many people have worked on and that have come from years of experience.

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