Whether you’re looking for adventure, cultural exploration, or simply relaxation that rejuvenates body, mind, and soul, the Caucasus region has something to offer every traveler. Tell us about your wishes and enjoy an unforgettable trip. We are a direct organizer in Georgia, where part of our team lives. Therefore, we offer unique excursions and the best hotels at a very attractive price. We open places unknown to other tourists and organizers, thus giving you the opportunity to feel the true spirit of Georgia.


About us

Caucasus Tour aims to provide the best quality services to travelers both individually and in groups. Our team has worked very hard and carefully to select the right team of highly qualified professionals who will ensure your impeccable service throughout your journey in Georgia.

Entrust your trip to Georgia and the Caucasus region to Caucasus Tour! We guarantee that the magic of this region will leave an unforgettable mark on your life.


Caucasus Tour is tour operators and a united team that presents its country and region in the most interesting, picturesque and sincere way. A deep understanding of traditions, many years of experience in tourism and thousands of satisfied and returning travelers testify to our professionalism. Our common goal is not to leave a single traveler indifferent who decided to come to the Caucasus and Georgia, and to encourage his love for this region!

Why should you choose Caucasus Tour ?

Still wondering who to trust with your trip to the Caucasus? Here are some reasons why you should choose Caucasus Tour:

You will reach Sakartvelas directly, you will travel easily and without big investments

We’ll take care of all the planning hassles for you and keep you safe, both morally and financially. We will make sure that your trip gives you the best possible experience and no stress!

You will experience the true knowledge

Immerse yourself in the real – passionate and spiritual rhythm of Georgian life with talented and musical Caucasus Tour travel companions! During the trip, we will ensure close acquaintance with Georgian culture and hospitality.

Exclusive and innovative offers

Become the main hero of your trip to Georgia! We offer you to capture the moments of your trip with a drone and create a personal video. Also, we provide an opportunity to get to know europians living in the Caucasus region and participate in both authentic and modern activities.

Our partners

Having accumulated many years of experience in travel organization, we have worked with a large number of partners and selected only the best. We work with the highest rated hotels, health resorts, spa centers and sanatoriums in Georgia and the Caucasus region. Our services are provided only by reliable partners – from meeting you at the airport to saying goodbye to your flight home, you will be taken care of by experts in their field.   Our partners donate 10%. discount when ordering tourist services with the CAUCASUS TOUR discount code. 

The most memorable impressions

We share with you the travel moments and images of the Caucasus Tour, which not a single traveler remained indifferent to!

Entrust your trip to Caucasus travel experts

Our team provides the highest level of travel organization and other tourist services in Georgia and other countries of the Caucasus region .

News! CAUCASUS TOUR presents an exclusive offer for this season !

Helicopter tour – reach the most amazing places in Georgia in extreme speed.

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