Ecotherapeutic trips to Georgia and the entire Caucasus region are special energetic trips full of bright smells, expressive tastes and passionate sensations! With Caucasus Tour, discover enchanting journeys to the Caucasus region, where ancient traditions intertwine with modern wonders to create an unforgettable travel experience of a lifetime.

Trips to Georgia- for different needs

We fully understand that the needs of travelers can be very different. Therefore, in order to satisfy everyone’s wishes and preferences, we offer to choose from as many as 7 categories of trips around Georgia. Entrust your trip to Georgia to us! We guarantee that the magic of this country will leave an unforgettable mark on your life.

A trip to Georgia is an indelible experience

Georgia is a travel destination that leaves an indelible impression on every visitor. As soon as you enter this fascinating country, you are overwhelmed by its warm hospitality, rich culture and landscapes of incredible beauty. Whether you dream of hiking or imagine yourself sipping wine in traditional vineyards, Sakartvel will never cease to fascinate and inspire you during your journey.

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Holidays in Georgia - get to know the UNESCO cultural heritage in the Caucasus region

Sakartvela and the entire Caucasus region are a treasure trove of UNESCO World Heritage sites, which is an integral part of a trip to Sakartvela. UNESCO heritage sites include Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities in Georgia, the capital of the early Iberian kingdom of Sakartveli with the famous Sveticchoveli Cathedral and the pantheon of the Kings of Sakartveli surrounded by many legends. Also – Gelati Monastery of impressive size, not only religiously, but also culturally important object – during the “Golden Age” of Georgia, it was an important center of education and science.

Another UNESCO heritage site is Svaneti, which is called the pearl of Sakartvelo. It is a mountain region of exceptional beauty, admiring the enchanting scenery of the Caucasus Mountains, their highest peaks, valleys, rare mountain vegetation and cultural monuments.

A trip to the Caucasus with Caucasus Tour will open up the beauty of UNESCO heritage sites. We know that the Caucasus region will not leave anyone indifferent.

One of the wonderful aspects of traveling to Georgia is the diversity of its landscape and its 11 unique regions, each with its own unique characteristics and fascinating attractions. From the majestic peaks of the Caucasus Mountains to the picturesque vineyards of the Alazan Valley, Georgia is a country of natural beauty and cultural richness. 

Be it the ancient historical sites of Imereti, the magnetic-healing beaches of Adjara or the authentic villages of Kakheti, Caucasus Tour will introduce travelers to the peculiarities, local traditions and hidden gems of each region. We will ensure that your trip to the Caucasus leaves lasting impressions – with experience and knowledge only available to locals, we can create itineraries that suit your needs, highlighting the uniqueness of each area and the experience it creates. 

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The most popular trips to Georgia

Difficult to choose from the many offers? Try our customers’ most favorite trips! The most popular trips to Georgia by plane, which are the most frequent choices among our customers. Discover the most attractive offer for you right now!

Meaningful holidays in Georgia – traditions, UNESCO and holidays







417 €

Bachmaro is a paradise in the western region of Sakartvelo in Guria







185 €

The true spirit of the Caucasus is a trip to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia







1097 €

Why should you choose a trip to Georgia with Caucasus Tour ?

Are you planning a trip to Georgia, but don’t know which travel agency to choose? Here are the reasons why you should choose Caucasus Tour:

With our help, you can get to know this extraordinary country much easier and more comfortably. We ensure that you reach Georgia directly, and we take care of all planning concerns, your safety (both morally and financially), and provide you with all possible directions, routes and programs. And those who are interested in an individual trip to Georgia can also choose the format of the trip that suits them. We will make sure that your choice will give you the best experience, and the price of the trip to Georgia will pleasantly surprise you.
With Caucasus Tour, you can choose the travel format and date you like – we organize active sightseeing, passive recreation, health improvement and nurturing on magnetic beaches and sanatoriums, extreme, special occasions and other trips to Sakartvela. By choosing the most convenient travel time for you, you will be able to make the most of it in the way you want the most.

Thanks to our professional tour guides, you will immerse yourself in the real, passionate and spiritual rhythm of Georgian life! There is a legend that the land of Georgia was given as God’s personal gift, because the Georgians were late to the distribution of God’s land, because they feasted – drank wine, toasted to God, and then, of course, sang and danced. Thus, Caucasus Tour offers culture lovers planning a trip to Georgia the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the Georgian rhythm and hear with their own ears the sound of folklore songs classified as a world heritage during the entire trip.

We offer you to capture your trip professionally with a drone and create an impressive travel video. This unique experience will allow you to become the main hero of a personal trip to Georgia, Armenia or another country in the Caucasus! We also provide an opportunity to visit Lithuanians living in Georgia and listen to their life and business stories.

A trip to the Caucasus is a historical heritage of the Caucasus countries

Steeped in a fascinating history, the Caucasus region bears witness to its rich heritage. The architectural wonders of the churches and monasteries reveal the deep-rooted spirituality that has permeated this nation throughout the ages. Every stone of the ancient cities, every cobbled street whispers stories of battles fought, united kingdoms and a proud heritage that has stood the test of time. Vibrant traditions, delicious dishes and genuine Georgian hospitality – all this is the embodiment of a living and cherished heritage. Steeped in a fascinating history, the Caucasus region bears witness to its rich heritage. The architectural wonders of the churches and monasteries reveal the deep-rooted spirituality that has pervaded this nation throughout the ages. Every stone of the ancient cities, every cobbled street whispers stories of battles fought, united kingdoms and a proud heritage that has stood the test of time. Vibrant traditions, delicious dishes and genuine Georgian hospitality – all this is the embodiment of a living and cherished heritage.

The culinary masterpieces of Georgia and the Caucasus region

Georgian culinary masterpieces are a tempting synthesis of flavors, a symphony that dances for the taste buds. During your trip to Georgia, from the first bite of khachapuri, you will be transported to the kingdom of gastronomic pleasure. The aroma of Kartveli kebabs fills the air and invites you to enjoy tender marinated meat that melts in your mouth. Rich and fragrant chinkalis awaken the senses and invite you to enjoy every delicate bite. Let’s not forget the velvety softness of the eggplant or the bright explosion of flavors of adjika, which gives courage to any dish.

In every dish, Georgia demonstrates its culinary prowess, combining tradition and innovation and offering a feast that nourishes not only the body, but also the spirit. So let your taste buds take you on a journey through the flavors of Sackartwell, where every bite tells a story of heritage, tradition and the endless joy of sharing good food with loved ones.

Nature and the majestic mountains of the Caucasus

Georgian nature is a breathtaking landscape symphony, a sanctuary where mountains touch the sky, rivers flow with unbridled grace, and forests whisper ancient secrets. From the majestic peaks of the Caucasus Mountains to the pristine shores of the Black Sea, the natural wonders of Georgia and the Caucasus region never cease to amaze.

The lush green valleys of Kakheti, the sprawling vineyards, where the world-famous wine is produced, testify to the harmony of nature and human cultivation. As you travel through the various areas, you’ll come across hidden gems such as Uplisciche, an ancient cave city carved into the rocks, or the unearthly beauty of Martvili Canyon, where turquoise water meanders through sheer cliffs. So, for those looking for a spectacular trip, Sakartvel is a must-visit country.


Every detail has been carefully thought through on these trips to ensure the highest level of VIP service from airport to airport. Luxury vacations will turn your trip to Georgia into a 5+ star experience at the highest international level. These trips include the highest level of certified service staff, the most luxurious and powerful transportation during the trip, stays in only 5-star hotels and above, large spa complexes on the seashore, in the mountains or in the vineyard plantations, where you can enjoy a unique wine spa and other advantages of the Caucasus region – the best , what Sakartvel has to offer.

Authentic knowledge

Caucasus Tour’s authentic tours of Georgia are a way to get to know the rich culture and diversity of the country and the entire region. Exploring remote villages where old customs and traditional crafts still thrive and interacting with local communities will provide an immersive experience, invaluable knowledge and lasting memories.

Rest for body and soul

For those who want to rest their body and soul, we suggest going on meaningful hikes in the majestic mountains of the Caucasus and lush forests, or diving into yoga camps that allow you to reconnect with your inner self and find harmony in the present moment. Or would you like to relax in quiet sanatoriums and spas? Trips to Sakartvela for body and soul relaxation will help you recover your strength and inspire you for new adventures in life.

Extreme relaxation

Extreme holidays in Georgia for adrenaline seekers! Feel the adrenaline rush as you drive through narrow mountain trails, cross rapid rivers and conquer terrifying heights. Admire the awe-inspiring scenery unfolding before your eyes – snow-capped mountain peaks, rushing mountain rivers, towering canyons, deep valleys and unspoiled wilderness.

Celebrate in Sakartvel

Treat yourself to an exciting trip to Georgia! In this category, you will find special trips to Sakartvela that will give you unforgettable impressions. Celebrating your special occasions in Sakartvel is a unique experience that will give you unforgettable life moments, a unique experience and will surprise even the most pampered of your guests. From spirited birthday parties to enchanting wedding ceremonies, we’ll help you create a unique and memorable celebration. Experience happy moments with loved ones while enjoying Georgia’s passionate and fiery culture, landscape and other treasures of this country.

Day excursions

Even those planning a short trip to Georgia will have time to see the most beautiful treasures of this country and region. Our one-day or two-day tours are available both for solo travelers and those who want to explore Georgia on a leisure trip. Caucasus Tour one-day excursions are conducted only by an expert of a specific region, so we ensure quality information and a very good time with local experts in history and traditions.

Greater Caucasus

A trip to the Caucasus through the enchanting countries of the Caucasus – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Geographically, all 3 countries are in the same Caucasus region, but their history and culture are completely different. What? Take a trip to the Caucasus countries and see for yourself! Discover the similarities and differences between these countries on the Caucasus Tour.

Georgian polyphonic singing

Sakartvelo traditional songs are primarily vocal and are widely known for their polyphonic traditions. A mesmerizing a capella vocal polyphony thrives in all regions of Sakartvelo .

Traditional wine making

About 500 different types of vines are grown in Georgia. The traditional ancient Georgian wine making in a kvevri vessel, by burying it underground and leaving it for fermentation and aging, is recognized as intangible cultural heritage and included in the UNESCO heritage list.

Georgian writing

Living culture of three Georgian writing systems in 2015. was included in the intangible heritage list of UNESCO. The first version of the script, Asomtavruli, dates back to at least the 5th century, other scripts developed in later centuries.


It is an ancient martial art practiced by a large number of men in all regions, villages and communities of Georgia. Descriptions of this wrestling can be found in the works of Shota Rustavelis (12th-13th centuries), and the martial art itself is included in the UNESCO intangible heritage list.


This region is the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, whose territory reaches as much as 8,700 km2. In Abkhazia there is the world’s deepest cave – Kruberi-Voronya – its depth reaches 2170 meters!


This region is important not only in terms of history, but also in terms of traditional food. One of the most popular dishes is Elardzhi, which leaves no one indifferent. As many as 60 of all 500 types of grapes in Georgia grow in this region, the most popular of them is Ojaleshi, from which the tastiest wine is made.


Guria is one of the smallest regions of Georgia. The mountainous part of the Guria region is characterized by a fusion of sea and mountain climates. For this reason, the mountain air of this resort has healing properties .


The nature of Adjara is amazing and diverse. The swaying sea, beautiful valleys, waterfalls and alpine meadows are truly mesmerizing. There are 4 protected areas in Adjara, each with its own individual character and endemic species. Adjara also has many resorts in the mountains and by the sea.


This region is the main historical and cultural center. In addition to numerous Christian and pre-Christian monuments, it is full of colorful natural sites, minerals and mineral water resorts.

Kvemo Kartli

Kvemo Kartli region has many interesting cultural monuments of different periods and beautiful, colorful nature, forests, lakes, mineral and thermal waters and resorts. The first Europeans who lived 1.8 million years ago were found in Kvemo Kartli. years!


Kakheti is a wine region and occupies the largest and most special place in Georgian wine production. There are up to 200 types of wine in the region, and Kakheti itself is associated with the beginning of winemaking and is the cradle of world wine. In addition, traces of human life here reach as many as 2.3 million. years!

Mtskheta- Mtianeti

It is a very colorful region that was inhabited as early as the Bronze Age. Kazbegi treasures of the 5th-6th centuries were discovered here, which are associated with the religious cult of the ancient tribes of the Caucasus. The pride of the region is the main Caucasus mountain range with peaks of 3500 m and 5000 m!

Shida Kartli

This region has been heavily populated since the beginning of the Bronze Age! Local wine-making traditions have been continued here for a long time, and the region itself is very impressive – full of thousands of flowers, stretching across vast fields, valleys and waterfalls.


This region encompasses a deep history, an ancient culture and a very beautiful and diverse nature. It is the Imereti khachapuri, stuffed with 3 types of cheese, that is best known all over the world! Vani, Gelati, Bagrati settlements will take you through the labyrinths of myths and history


In the Racha region, you can find beautiful temples, interesting frescoes, examples of Georgian architecture that blend harmoniously with the beautiful nature. In Racha there is a famous, richly decorated masterpiece of Georgian architecture – Nikortsminda.


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and one of the municipalities located in the eastern part of Georgia. The architecture of many different eras and cultures merge here, and the city itself is very interesting with its contrasting architectural and cultural diversity.

Upper Svaneti

Paslėpti Svanetijos stebuklai ir regiono paslaptys laukia jūsų. Ar žinojote, kad Svanetijoje yra aukščiausiai Europoje esanti gyvenvietė Ušguli, esanti 2200 metrų aukštyje, o vietiniai Svanetijos gyventojai turi savo abėcėlę? Atraskite šio regiono paslaptis!

Historical monuments

Discover the secrets of Mtskheta and uncover the hidden past of the ancient capital of Georgia. Mckheta has been the capital of Georgia for a millennium, and its main cathedral, Svetitskhoveli, is the holy place where the Shroud of Christ is kept.

Gelati Monastery

The Gelati Monastery is an architectural wonder decorated with ancient mosaics created using 8th century. Cloisonné enamel is a unique art form rooted in the rich cultural heritage of Georgia.

Colchis National Park

Colchis wet forests and wetlands on the Black Sea. This diverse ecosystem is home to ancient rainforests, percolation wetlands and rare species, including the endangered Colchis sturgeon. Explore the natural wonders of Georgia!

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