Payment refund


The agency is not responsible and does not return the paid amounts in the event that:
– The customer voluntarily refuses the services or cannot use them;
– Disputes arise due to violations of airline, airport, hotel rules and officials’ instructions and/or – for this reason, the Customer does not receive Tourism services;
– lost luggage or cargo;
– any other consequences occur not due to the Customer’s fault, which could have been caused by force majeure circumstances.

Accordingly, the Customer does not have the right to demand that the service prices be reduced or compensated due to these circumstances, except for cases where this Agreement provides otherwise.

Note: as the number of tourists increases, the Customer must pay the company additional service costs within 1 day.
If the Customer violates this Agreement, terminates it and/or in the cases provided for in clause 4.2, the costs of the Travel Services provided for in clause 3.1 are not refunded to the Customer, therefore, due to the specified circumstances, the Customer has no right to claim any compensation (including costs, tourism services or any part thereof).
None of the Parties shall be liable for the full or partial non-fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement, if this was caused by natural disasters and technological catastrophes, fires, acts of war, government decisions or other force majeure circumstances and/or these circumstances arose after the signing of the Agreement.
If the force majeure circumstances cause a continuous delay of no longer than 2 (two) weeks in the performance of any of the obligations under this Agreement, the period of performance of the services shall be extended, taking into account the force majeure circumstances. If such delay continuously exceeds 2 (two) weeks, the Parties have the right to terminate this Agreement without prior notice and/or amendment.

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