Greater Caucasus – trips to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Explore the spectacular Greater Caucasus region, which includes Azerbaijan, Armenia, parts of southern Russia and Georgia. The Caucasus region is so different, bright and colorful! It opens for everyone from a different position. The Caucasus is proud – it is impossible not to surrender to respect and humility before the greatness of this free land. The Caucasus is abundant – bustling markets, delicious baked goods and cheeses, juicy berries and fruits and rivers of wine. The Caucasus is unique – traditions and established order have been preserved here for centuries, which are carefully protected by silent mountains and hospitable people. A united and interwoven common history and such a different, different image of the modern present, different for all the countries of the Caucasus. These trips promise a deep acquaintance with the uniqueness of these nations: Azerbaijan’s mountains of long-lasting fire, Armenia’s lavash, included in the intangible world heritage, Georgia’s wine as thick as blood. All this reflects the authenticity, originality and uniqueness of each of the Caucasian countries. And so that the trip full of excitement is recorded and preserved for many years to come, Caucasus Tour offers an exclusive offer – an individual travel video – “Become the main

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The massif of the Great Caucasus Mountains stretches 1,200 km from the Taman Peninsula on the Black Sea to the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea. This region hides centuries of history and a magnificent cultural heritage that is worth exploring. There are as many as 12 architectural and natural objects included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the countries of the Greater Caucasus, which testify to the region’s historical importance and natural uniqueness. The region’s charm lies in its authenticity and offers a mosaic of experiences, from the vibrant bazaars of Baku to the tranquil landscapes of Guba. Discover the enchanting diversity of the Greater Caucasus, which harmoniously combines modernity, history, culture and natural beauty. Travel through the Caucasus countries with our unique programs that combine 2 or 3 countries and discover the cultural, historical and geographical wonders of this extraordinary region.

F.A.Q. about trips to the Greater Caucasus

  • Sakartvelo has been making wine for more than 8,000 years and is considered the cradle of winemaking. One of the oldest methods of wine production included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list is the use of kvevri vessels, in which the grape juice is buried underground. This is how they ferment and slowly turn into an extremely delicious wine.
  • As many as twelve different climate zones can be found in the tiny territory of Sakartvel, including subtropical, alpine, and semi-desert zones. As many as 49 soil types are also counted here. In the dense forests of the country, you can meet leopards, lynxes, bears and other wild animals.
  • The burning mountains near Baku (Azerbaijan) are constantly burning with an open flame. The flame is caused by the contact of underground natural gas reserves with oxygen.
  • In Azerbaijan, babies are bathed in salt water. It is believed that a newborn baby bathed in salt water grows up to be a strong, fair and brave person. A baby’s nails and hair are cut no earlier than after the first birthday.
  • Azerbaijan is famous for its ancient art of carpet weaving, which is still in high demand all over the world today. They are mostly woven by women, revealing their innate artistic delicacy, weaving various national symbols and motifs into the patterns.
  • In Armenia, learning to play chess is mandatory at school, and children take an exam in this intellectual sport.
  • In Armenia, lavash was declared an intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. Everything is eaten with lavash here, even rice!
  • The authentic sound of Kartvelian folklore had even traveled to space! Georgian folklore is included in UNESCO’s intangible world heritage.


Yes, these countries are known for their warm hospitality and are generally safe for travelers. Our experienced team prioritizes your safety throughout your journey, ensuring a safe and fulfilling travel experience.

A trip to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, or the whole country together will reveal the differences between these countries. Every country is very diverse! Georgia boasts diverse landscapes and vibrant cities, Armenia fascinates with its ancient monasteries, and Azerbaijan combines modernity with tradition. Not to mention the unique cuisine and traditional dishes and drinks of each country. Our tours carefully reveal the unique charms of each of these countries and create a holistic experience.

Traveling with Caucasus Tour you will discover hidden gems untouched by mainstream tourism and not found by other travel agencies. Our routes promise a real exploration of the lesser-known treasures of the Greater Caucasus.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic architecture of Baku’s flaming towers, the cultural diversity of Sheki and the natural wonders of Guba. Our itinerary ensures that you will discover the most beautiful and unseen treasures of Azerbaijan.

Our travel itineraries will introduce you to the most beautiful places in Armenia, including the ancient monasteries of Tatev and Geghard. During it, you will really immerse yourself in the knowledge of culture and history, which is characteristic of Armenia. Our curated tours to Armenia and other countries in the Caucasus region create experiences that offer in-depth knowledge of all countries.

We are experts in the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Georgia, so we will create unique and best experiences in Georgia. We will introduce you to important historical sites, from the ancient city of Mtskheta to the breathtaking surroundings of Sveticchovel Cathedral. But you will also see places that many travelers have not yet discovered. Our tours ensure that you discover the unique cultural and historical gems that make Georgia an integral part of the Greater Caucasus.

Get ready for a visual feast! Our tours reveal the breathtaking diversity of the landscapes of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, from the rugged peaks of the Caucasus Mountains to fertile valleys and pristine lakes.

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