Mtskheta is the ancient heart of Georgia, recognized by UNESCO

Mtskheta – one of the oldest cities in Georgia, is like a living historical monument, full of secrets and legends. Located at the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers, this city has a special significance in the history, culture and religion of Georgia. It is not only the former capital of Georgia until the 5th century, but also the place where Georgian Christianity was formed and developed.

The history of Mtskheta goes back to the second millennium BC, and its role in Georgian Christianity is invaluable. The churches and monasteries here are an integral part of the country’s religious and cultural heritage. These places are not only religious objects, but also a testimony to the achievements of ancient architecture and art.

Significance of UNESCO recognition

Mccheta was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. This recognition reveals the city’s global importance and ensures the preservation of its historical monuments for future generations. Inclusion in UNESCO is not only a matter of honor, but also a responsibility to protect and nurture this unique place of culture and history. Global recognition not only draws the world’s attention to the site, but also provides opportunities for financial and technical assistance needed for the preservation of ancient monuments.

Historical monuments of Mtskheta

The historical monuments of Mtskheta are not only the heritage of Georgia, but also of the whole world. They bear witness to the achievements of ancient civilizations, the evolution of architecture and art, as well as religious and cultural history. These places are not only beautiful and impressive, but also important to our understanding of human history. One of the most prominent monuments of Mtskheta is the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, built on a high hill and visible from afar. It is not only one of the oldest and most important centers of the Georgian Orthodox Church, but also an architectural masterpiece that commemorates the skills of ancient Georgian craftsmen. This cathedral is known not only for its architecture but also for the important religious relics it houses.

Another important historical monument is the Jvari Monastery, perched on a hill above Mtskheta. This monastery is not only an important religious center, but also a great place to enjoy spectacular views of Mtskheta and the surrounding mountains. Jvari, which means “cross” in Georgian, is an ancient symbol that testifies to the beginning of Christianity in Georgia. Mccheta is also famous for the Samtavro Monastery, whose history dates back to the 4th century and which is associated with Saint Nino, who brought Christianity to Georgia. In addition to being an important religious site, this place also bears witness to Georgia’s early Christian history.

Why is it important to visit Mtskheta?

Mtskheta is the undoubted treasure of Sakartvelo cultural and historical heritage. A trip here is like a trip back in time, where you can experience the true spirit of ancient Georgia. Here, visitors can not only see historical monuments, but also learn about their history, arts and culture. Mccheta not only reflects the history and culture of Georgia, but is also an important place for our shared human history and heritage. It is a great place to learn about the past of mankind, ancient civilizations, their way of life and cultural heritage, and also to be in silence with yourself, your thoughts, and for those who believe, to light a candle for their faith and wishes.

A visit to Mtskheta is not only a rich and interesting pastime, but also an important educational experience. It is a place where one can not only see but also experience history, learn about antiquity and appreciate the importance of our heritage. Mtskheta is like a living open-air museum, where every visitor can find something new and interesting.

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