Spa relaxation in the Borjomi sanatorium with an educational program

Economic plan

198 €/asm

  • Private car with driver (English/Russian)
  • The detailed program of the trip and the course of the procedure
  • All transfers according to the program
  • Contact link of top rated hotels located near Borjomi Medical Center
  • Contact link for top rated traditional dance restaurants
  • 30 minutes online consultation (information about flights to Sakartvela, travel route, accommodation options and treatment
  • procedures, course, duration and price).

Optimal plan

680 €/asm

  • All transfers during the trip according to the program
  • 4-day relaxation at the Spa Hotel Borjomi
  • 4-day program with procedures
  • Traditional breakfast
  • Clinic on the territory of the hotel
  • Private restaurant on the hotel grounds
  • All hygiene items in the room
  • The oldest spa in Kartveli

all inclusive

1395 €/asm

  • Comfortable transport (<6 years)
  • All transfers during the trip
  • 7-day relaxation at the Borjomi Palace spa hotel
  • 3 meals a day
  • Clinic on the territory of the hotel
  • 4-day program with procedures
  • Certified, experienced tour guide (English/Russian)
  • 3-day excursion program according to the program
  • Private restaurant on the hotel grounds
  • All hygiene items in the room
  • The oldest spa in Kartveli
  • Tasting of traditional drinks in the Imereti region (wine, tea)
  • Tasting of traditional drinks in the Kakheti region (wine, tea)
  • Dinner with traditional kebabs and bread “shoti” cooking process and tasting
  • Dinner with a musical program (traditional folklore and dances)
  • Individual travel video – “Become the main hero of your trip!” NEW

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Information for those who purchased the 'Economic Plan'

  • Private car with driver (English/Russian) page link:
  • Detailed travel program and all described excursions:  Download the file
  • Contact link for a certified, professional, musical guide
  • Contact link of top rated hotels and guesthouses with panoramic views in the program
  • Contact link of top rated restaurants with traditional dance program
  • Flight tickets: Wizzair
  • Travel insurance: Swedbank
  • More information on traveling to Sakartvela and requirements in the country: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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